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Miami Hash House Harriers

!*!*!*!*! Must be 21 or older to participate !*!*!*!*!

Welcome to the homepage of the Miami Hash House Harriers.  “Are you?”

If you’ve never hashed, then prepare to be entertained like never before. Hashers play an adult version of a game called “The Hare and the Hound” or “Hunt the Hare.”” At the start of the game the “hare(s)”” take off ahead of the pack, leaving behind a trail of flour, chalk or toilet paper droppings which represents the scent of the hare. After a predetermined head start, the “hounds” set chase and attempt to catch the hare before they can reach the “rabbit hole”, where the hare has hidden refreshments and adult beverages somewhere in the city. The trails usually are between 3 to 5 miles, with faster runners covering a bit mroe distance as they discover the TRUE trail, as discovering the trail involves ruling out false trails and direction changes that require finding the “scent” of the trail again. Slower participants follow the discovered trail, just following the lead runners. Everyone participates as a group, and a good hare will try to keep the group mostly together to arrive at the stop(s) at around the same time with the trail markings.

At the end of the game we hold “Circle” where the hounds have an opportunity to comment on the hare’s trail, tell funny stories about things seen during the run and recognize members that have something to celebrate in that month. Some hashers run, some walk, some take shortcuts and some only come to say “hello”, but everyone comes to have fun. Often the group heads to an “On After” to eat, drink and socialize further at a local establishment.

The best way to experience your first hash is to just show up and say hello. You will quickly learn that you won’t meet a friendlier group of people than hashers.  Make sure to bring a whistle, flashlight and wear clothes you are comfortable running or walking in and don’t mind getting dirty, wet or destroyed….. and DONT get caught wearing new shoes to a hash, unless you want to drink a beer out of it. Some events are themed that encourage people to wear accessories or costumes to support the them. Feel free to reach out to a Miami H3 ambassador by e-mailing we@miamih3.com for any questions or to have a more experienced hasher to welcome and help guide you through your first run.