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I’M YOUR MAILMAN - UrinalFly - 07-20-2018

Here I cum, down your way,

I can come two times a day,

I’m your mailman
I’ll grab your knockers

Ring your bell

Gee, I really think you’re swell

I’m your mailman
I can cum in any kind of weather,

That’s because my sacks are made of leather
I don’t mess with keys or locks

I’ll stick it deep inside your box

I’m your mailman
When I’m walking down your road

I just want to drop my load

I’m your mailman
When I’m walking down your lane

Everybody knows my name

I’m your mailman
When that lady wants me to deliver

I just give as much as I can give her
If you’re feeling sad and blue

I’ve got something good for you

I’m your mailman