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(to the tune of “No Rain” by Blind Melon : ) by Sacksquats – Wildcard H3

All I can say is that the Hash is pretty strange

We like running for BEER in sun or rain

And all we can do is just drink a beer or two

And Range and shout “RU?” but it’s not sane… it’s not sa-a-a-aane
I just want someone to say to me, ON ON ON ON

We’ll follow plops, checks and false trails…eh-yeah-eh

You know we’d like to see some boobs and dicks along the way

So stay with me and we’ll find True Trail!

And they don’t understand how we drink all day

And we run and then complain of shitty trai-ails

And all we can do is sing crude songs and name lewd names

And we laugh the night away, cuz it’s a great escape, escape, escape, escaaaape

All I can say is that this Hare is pretty strange

5 miles and no Beer Near

This wank’s insane…

He’s not sane, got no brai-ai-ai-ain!

I just want someone to say to me DOWN DOWN DOWN DOWN

This trail is off the shiggy scale…eh-yeah

You know we’ll never keep our fee-eet dry today

Screw the FRBs and we’ll find find true trail!

Oh and we’ll drink some ale oooh and we’ll find true trail, oh no, no! You know we’re really gonna, really gonna drink some ale, yeahWe’re gonna find true trail….down down down down…down down down down

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