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06282018 - Storming Normandy - Full Moon Hash
Location:   North Shore Open Park - 8040 Collins Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33141

Wankers! We need your help!

Urinal Fly and Special Red have been taken as Prisoners of their Vices (POVs) and we'll need to ass-emble a search and rescue party to release their urges. Mis-management has been informed by the Social-media Un-intelligence Center for Knowledge Center (SUCK) that their captors will be open to an exchange if their demands are met on 06/28/2018. 

Once Victorius (And Glorius!), we’ll also be celebrating the 99th analversary of the end of World War One (06/28/1919) as we storm the beaches of Normandy Isles. There will be no prisoners!!! (unless you're into that kind of thing...)

This mission will not be for the faint of heart/liver. 
• Fully semi-automatic shotguns of beer may be misfired in your direction
• Chemical attacks may be included on trail and at circle 
• Fences may be jumped, mud may be wrestled in and barbed wire may be present
• People may shoot their mouth off in a language you don’t understand
• Morals, clothing and personal dignity may be lost on trail
• Virgins may be compromised and sacrificed
• False Flags (or Trails) may be conducted
• Pearl harbor bombs may be deployed
• Things may be seen that can’t be unseen

Survival gear includes whistles, flashlights, blinkies, and personal protection devices.
(Helmets, life-vests and condoms are optional, but bring ‘em if you need em.)

On-after gear includes beach blankets, things to beat on/off, and whatever you might need to squash your sensibilities into submission. We’ll be joining the Miami Beach Full Moon Drum Circle to beat on things, chant as if we can sing and maybe even dance with fire.

Trail will be A to A, On after is walking distance (bring your own eats, drinks and smokes.)
We honor our diversity by ensuring our inclusiveness for dogs, walkers. Low shiggy/metro trail.

Hash cash is $5 and includes shot check, beer check and circle libations. 

Spread the word, invite others.

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